The Target has moved, the Tactics have changed, but Victory is happening!

Recently, I was asked if the overturn of Roe made our job easier. After reflecting for a moment, I said, “The enemy is the same; he has just moved the target.” The enemy wants to destroy the most precious thing to the Lord, and that is His image bearers. He will always whisper in women’s ears that their child is a burden or mistake. He will always confuse men by saying they have no voice to protect their children. He will always blind eyes so that all they can see is darkness. So, it is not time for advocates of the preborn to settle into a slumber and think we have won.  


As the spiritual battle rages on, please don’t mistake my urgency to mean I am not grateful for the victories because my heart is full. However, my eyes are still fixed on the target.  


So, where has our target moved? It has moved across state lines where Colorado and New Mexico (which allow abortion up to birth), as well as Kansas (which allows abortion up to twenty weeks) have increased abortions by 60 percent, and most of that increase is Texas women. The target has moved into international waters, with abortion ships in the Gulf of Mexico luring women into dangerous operating rooms. The target has moved into unmarked boxes that arrive on women’s front porches with the abortion pill stealthily hidden inside, ready to take the life of their child. The use of this deadly drug has increased by 70 percent in Texas.  


The enemy thinks he can win simply by moving the target, but may I dispel that lie because, through the Holy Spirit, we have spiritual arrows that penetrate the heart with the light and love of Jesus Christ! Sweet and courageous India is a testament to hitting that bullseye.  


India came to Real Options pregnant, confused, and set on abortion. She already had a two-year-old son and was parenting him alone. India had moved to Texas to be with her boyfriend, whom she had been seeing long distance. Their relationship wasn’t going well when she found out about the pregnancy. India was nervous about how a baby might make things worse, and she didn’t know how to navigate raising two babies alone. India had a relationship with Jesus and was faithful in going to church and reading her Bible. India’s faith was the main reason she hadn’t already chosen abortion because she knew that God is the Giver of life. 


India’s advocate, Lori, spoke truth to her about the baby she was carrying and reminded her this baby had not caught God by surprise. During her sonogram, India visibly struggled with seeing her baby on the screen; the baby was already seventeen weeks old. After leaving Real Options, the Holy Spirit worked in India’s heart, and she decided to be a mom to this baby. 


Lori is mentoring India, and India is growing in her faith. She welcomed handsome little Kairo into this world, forever changing her life. 


Since the target has moved, Real Options is responding with innovative tactics because women like India are worth it! In 2024, we plan to expand our medical services to include additional labs for women who are considering the abortion pill. We will also increase awareness of Real Options’ ability to administer the life-saving abortion reversal pill. In addition, we want to increase our services to help women who have gone across state lines for an abortion with post-abortion counseling. Finally, we will be blanketing our area with marketing to direct vulnerable men and women to the safe haven of Real Options. These marketing efforts include billboards, social media engagement, national hotlines, and school/college advertisements.  


And that is where you come in to steady our arms, provide the arrows, and pray as we aim at the target. Would you prayerfully consider a sacrificial gift as 2023 comes to an end? Your gift will go directly to care for women like India, and you will be a part of the celebration when little ones like Kairo see their first birthday!  


Mighty warrior, the target may have moved, but through God, we will see the victory! You don’t want to miss being a part of His work through Real Options.


Claiming victory with you,


Jennifer Shelton

Real Options CEO

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